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"A-Dow-ick" (Oral history) This moving documentary gives a glimpse into the lives of loved ones that are missing and  murdered along the infamous Highway of Tears. Family members courageously share their stories, all while dealing with grief and loss, and what the raising of  "Grandmother" Commemortion Memorial & Healing pole, means to them. 

"Directed, produced, and told by family members along the Highway of Tears, this film is beautifully shot, reverent, and uplifting, showing us the raising of the commemoration healing totem pole in Kitsumkalum, Tsimshian Territory." -ImagineNATIVE

Adaawk - We have survived

Adaawk - We have survived

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Other Trailers

Adaawk - I will continue
Adaawk Trailer

Watch the film here:

Winnipeg Film Festival

We are proud to announce ADAAWK has been accepted into the Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival! Celebrating the Best Indigenous Cinema from Canada & around the world!

Click on "Passes and Tickets" for schedule and ticket details.

When: November 24-30, 2021.

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