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Our Team


Director / Producer

Lorna Brown (Wetʹsuwetʹen) is a first-time filmmaker. She brings a sense of empathy and compassion to her first film, Adaawk. 

Lorna's niece Tamara Chipman went missing Sept 21/2005 that set her whole family on a journey to raise awareness to MMIWG&MB.

Lorna Brown.jpeg

Michael Bourquin

Cinematography / Editor 

Michael Bourquin is a multi disciplinary filmmaker. When he is not behind the camera, you can find him directing and editing. Documentary shooting is Michael’s happy place, capturing those special fleeting moments witnessed through a viewfinder that only happen once. Above all, capturing stories through visuals is the heart of Michael’s work. 

Michael Bourquin - Cinematographer.JPG

Wanda Good


Wanda is long time advocate for over 25 years since her cousins Alberta Williams was murdered and Lana Derrick went missing along the infamous Highway of Tears. Wanda works tirelessly to raise awareness of MMIWG in Northern BC.

Screen Shot 2021-09-23 at 8.26.01 PM.png

Special Thanks

George Leach


We would like to give special thanks to George Leach for his song Magdalene, which is featured at the beginning of the the film. 

"Songs appear out of thin air, seemingly from nowhere but actually from all around us. The greatest of these seem to have always been there, carrying in them something true and universal that connects at a depth beyond language. Songwriters accomplish a strange magic in pulling them from the ether. By doing so, they give voice to their feelings and experiences, and in turn, ours too. Their songs tell our story and provide the soundtrack to our lives. George Leach is one of these magicians. His dedication to songcraft is evident throughout his career," 

Kym Gouchie


Kym gave us permission to use the song "Cleansing the Highway” for one of the films trailers. The song, which features her rich, powerful voice in fusion with the hand drum, was born during a walk in 2016 along Highway 16 between Prince George and Prince Rupert. The walk was to raise awareness of the girls and women who were murdered or last seen there near the highway.

Fay McKinnon

A special thank you to Fay McKinnon for quietly and selflessly working behind the scenes to bring the families stories to life.
You are a gem.

Rez Dog Productions

A special thanks to Michael Bourquin of Rez Dog Productions for grasping the families heart for their loved ones. Your passion, respect and humility from behind the lens truly brought the stories to life, Misiyh.

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